28 Day Diet

The 28 Day diet is a sought after eating plan designed more than 2 decades ago. It is aimed at clean eating or whole food focused. It is not a crash diet, but offers suggestions on how to make changes to your daily intake week by week. Most people lose and regain the same weight over and over because instead of creating healthy eating habits, they look for temporary solutions to lose weight fast; such as neglecting whole food groups or limiting their calorie intake. On this Meal Plan you are not deprived of any of the food groups and healthy portions are provided with great mindfulness. Making a new diet change each week over a 28 day period may make it easier for you to stick with the plan for long lasting weight loss results.

If you want to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, reduce blood glucose levels, reduce cholesterol or just stay healthy. The 28 Day Meal plan can be of great value to you


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